The ALEI Intercultural Education Virtual Library includes content and practical information aimed at ALEI teachers and volunteers.


The main objective of the Library is the creation of content on intercultural learning and global citizenship based on academic resources from AFS academic curricula as well as scientific or academic articles from other expert authors in the field.

The portal is created to be a framework for online consultation and reference in a common and privileged environment for dissemination.


The objectives of the ALEI Library are:

  • Place in a virtual context the curricula that AFS has developed through its more than 100 years of experience in Intercultural Learning issues.
  • Provide information and virtual activities that adapt to the training and information needs of different types of users.
  • Offer spaces where teachers and interested parties can contribute content based on the resources and information presented to the library.
  • Enhance the promotion of reading.
  • Promote the participation of users in order to build a space for communication and participation that enhances the exchange of ideas.

To access the Library, you must be part of our Latin American Community of educators.

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