Global Wednesdays is a series of international virtual academic meetings that seek to open spaces for dialogue to discuss the connection between intercultural learning, global citizenship and other issues of interest in society.

During the events, held on the third Wednesday of the month, Latin American teachers, experts and actors of the educational system in the region discuss and promote the development of Global Citizenship in individuals as a fundamental competence to achieve a more connected, sustainable and respectful world of cultural differences.

Global Wednesdays emerged as a response of ALEI to the need for virtual connection between teachers, derived from the needs caused by the pandemic. In 2020 we held six sessions aimed at young people and five aimed at teachers, reaching more than 6,000 people in Latin America.


In each session we address various topics from all the main impact areas: education, identity, culture and peaceful coexistence.

One of the pillars of Miercoles Globales is to present different perspectives of the topic to be addressed, aminmg to promote critical thinking and respect for difference.

The quality and suitability of the guest speakers at Miercoles Globales guarantees that this academic space contributes to the construction of a more connected and better informed Latin America.

DAY 2 AFS centennial web-179

We have the opportunity to work on the need to develop global competencies in the classroom to understand the world and its complexity, connect with other realities and cultures so that the encounter turns crisis into opportunity and assume the personal and collective capacity to transform reality into a more just and peaceful world.

We invite you to watch the videos of the Global Wednesday 2020 sessions.

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