The Latin American Alliance of Intercultural Education is constituted by local organizations of AFS Intercultural Programs in 14 countries.

Among our objectives are:

  • Cooperation to generate projects for the formation of global citizens
  • Develop training opportunities for AFS stakeholders and other allied entities
  • Support transnational entities (public and private) in the implementation of initiatives for education for global citizens.

One of the main focuses of ALEI is the direct relationship with educators, teachers and educational institutions throughout Latin America.

We are convinced that in order to train active global citizens, the educational community must know, commit and facilitate the development of global competence inside and outside the classroom in a transversal way.

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June 27th - July 1st, 2022

Iberoamerican Week of Global Education 2022

AFS’s ALEI (Latin American Alliance for Intercultural Education) – invites you to the III Ibero-American Week of Global Education. An event about the challenges of education in 2022, returning to the classroom and strategies to build inclusive and global schools.

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