What is it?


It is an online group designed for educators and teachers who want to stay connected around topics such as Global Citizenship and Intercultural Education.

In community exchange space, all participants may be enriched by connecting with colleagues throughout Latin America, sharing experiences of teaching and learning.

They may also access multiple benefits: direct access to a library of exclusive materials, special training opportunities offered by ALEI and AFS, news and announcements, among others.

Membership in the Latin American Community of Educators ALEI is free.


Community's purpose

Create and strengthen a network of educators, sharing best practices, generating reflection spaces, access to articles of interest and be informed about training events, news, events and announcements, among others.

Belonging to the Latin American Community of Teahcers allows the participants to be aware of the activities, initiatives and tools that ALEI and AFS provide for the education community, while contributing to the continued construction of a global perspective in each classroom.